The President’s Pass, First World problems, Really Manti and other things that I think, I think

Ill be riffing on some things I think this work, and I will also intersperse some questions that interestingly emerged from my last blog post, so don’t get confused by the random third person speak throughout. Away…we…go


I think that I think that my community is often reactionary and imbalanced in it’s appraisal of all things related to he President, his role, the job he has done as executive, and his wife.

I suspect that much of this has to do with the sense that many of us have that the President needs our unconditional support, the obvious misconception that criticizing the President makes us (race?) traitors and the desire to shield him from the flagrant, often hateful assaults targeting him from his opponents.

We offer this pass, which in the long run can be as costly to his legacy as those belittling his accomplishments based on factors he has no control over.

Listen, the President should be criticized for not better policing the drone program which has led to more innocent than terrorist deaths in countries like Pakistan. He should be asked about ongoing health care reform, and why the tax code hasn’t been adjusted to give relief to middle class Americans. These are fair questions, and should be asked with some obvious gravity behind them. Often, it seems, we are more content to embrace a pop-culture image of the President, forgetting what his job actually is. I know full functioning adults, who tuned into a President’s inauguration to see who would be performing, what celebrities did/didnt attend and what the First lady was wearing. No harm there, but seriously, fuckouttahere with that man. Let’s have balance and hold that truly great, inspiring brother to a real standard. 

Oh, and I think that I think that the First lady cannot pull off bangs, but really, very few people can. I’m trying to show balance by example, because she could literally put on a ripped trash bag and many of you would scream she’s flawless and fabulous. 

It’s ime to grow up, with and for, our President.

I think that I think that Manti Te’o may be the single most fuckouttahere’st human being on earth right now. Let’s say for the sake of argument that I believe that these despicable human beings actually pulled this hoax past him for months and that he carried on this relationship with a woman he never actually met, only talke to by phone and missed every time she visited his home in Hawaii. Let’s add, for the sake of argument that after learning of her having a car accident, and learning of her complications due to leukemia he didn’t go see her. Add in that he was seriously wounded emotionally by her passing, considering all of the aforementioned.

None of that explains why he most popular football player in the country, playing at the nation’s biggest football factory would be trolling for women online and carrying on what sounds like the most uniquely baseless long distance relationship in the history of stupidity. 

Dude, I can recall watching 3rd string fullback long snappers at Fordham University juggling 4 or 5 women, and Manti wants to convinve me that it was hard at Notre Dame for a pimp? 

Listen manti, you know who caries on the kind of relaionship you described? Athletes who want to give the impression that they have a girlfriend they love and cherish. You know who wants to fool people into thinking they have a girlfriend they love and cherish? Athletes trying to throw the public off of the scent of their personal lives and activities which may involve….ah hell man, ya’ll grown, figure it out.

Question: Do you only write poetry?

Answer: God, I hope not. Poetry is little more than a tool, in my opinion. If it’s the best way to relay a set of thoughts to a given audience, then that is what I’m motivated to use. What has happened recently is that terribly short thinking “A Different World” wannabes and pretentious backpackers came together and gave us “Spoken Word” so now pretentious deuche bags and their head wrap wearing jump-offs can go on about how great and deep poetry is. 

Poetry has it’s place, but it’s only a start. In the wrong hands it’s like any other dangerous weapon. That shit should be regulated like gun ownership, because in reality, most people attending jams are psychologically akin to NRA members. they want their shit, now, as much of it as they want, and damn you for trying to stop them from getting it. 

Go cop “A Field Negroes Handbook”, and decide for yourself if poetry is all I should write.

I think that I think that “The Following” is going to save network television. Clever premise, amazing first episode, and you can never go wrong with serial killers. I also think that I think that Scandal is just more evidence of why so many nation’s around the world despise the U.S. Leave it up to us to take a supposedly strong female lead, put her in supposedly empowering situations and then diminish her by making her a sassy, well dressed jump-off for a powerful alpha male. Good job making that a hit folks.

I think that i think that my wife’s homeboy George is right. As long as women wear makeup, hair weaves/extensions, push-up bras, pumps, heels, halter tops, garters and all manner of other disguises, then the conversation about whether or not men lie more needs to simply cease. I’ve known some of yall for years and still have no idea what you actually look like.

Related to “The Following” being so amazing, I have to refer you to “Top Boy'” The British answer to the wire is seriously good. 

Question: Are you this funny all the time?

Answer: Only the most insufferable human beings think of themselves as being that funny, so naturally, my answer is no. I don’t think I’m funny at all really. maybe a little witty. Ultimately, I’m really kind of moody and a touch mean. I just say some of the evil spirited shit that you think and you might laugh before you stop yourself.

Q:  I remember that Ralph Ellison was your favorite writer, you still trying to follow in his footsteps?

A: First of all, fuck this question. Ellison was never my favorite author, though i dig the brother’s work. I most certainly never wanted to follow in his footsteps, as trailblazing as those steps are. My favorite scribe is Norman Mailer. Tough Guys Don’t Dance changed my life.

I think that I think that those of us with first world problems like long lines for food we can pay for, cell phone reception in a land free of war and video stores being out of our favorite movies should simply STFU. You’re life is an amazing one, so be thankful for it. I also think i know some amazingly grounded and informed White people, some amazingly inspiring and funny Black people and too many others for my life to ever be boring. I think that I think that I certainly need to pray more and gripe less. I need to care less about sports and more about the human condition.

I think that I think that we are all too obsessed with celebrity and not obsessed enough with the effort it takes for common men and women to wake up exhausted and do what needs doing for little pay, no recognition and less appreciation.

I think that I think that Robert Glasper has somehow made jazz sound like dubstep and hip-hop, Tom Ford will one day tailor a suit for me, The Nets, Jets and Mets sill suck, Joe Budden….damn that dude is winning, Cornel West is still mad that the President won’t dap him up and he is even less relevant because he won’t let it go, and lastly thank you for reading. Take care and I will see you next week.

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The Suicidal Black vote…or “You still a democrat?”

Quick, what do Jimmie “JJ” Walker, Frederick Douglass, mary Mcleod Bethune and Michael Steele have in common?

Well aside from all obviously being African-American, you might be mildly (or profoundly) surprised to know that each is/was a dedicated member of the Republican party.

Why do I mention this you might ask? I mention it because I was reflecting upon a conversation I was having soem time back with a good friend about the vague power construct known as “The Black Vote.” We opined that while there are more registered Black voters now than at any other point in history, the “Black Vote” which was rumored to make the difference in three elections (Obama, Clinton 2x) is really little more than a one trick pony, and as a member of the community and holder of a “Black Vote”, this genuinely concerns me.

Our society, and by extension politicians, take the mighty hand of “The Black Vote” for granted. It is assumed that Black folks are going to vote democrat anyway so you may be wondering why so little real campaigning is done by representative from either party in our communities. Not to bore you with stats, but in the 2008 Presidentital election 95 percent of all Black voters went with Obama.

It’s a foregone conclusion that the percentage will hover above that number in this next election in 2012. But there is a price to be paid for our allegiance. Complacency. Neither of the two major parties is going to expend any effort knowing that the vote is a done deal.

Consider that the older Latino and Asian voters favored McCain, while the younger generations favored Obama. Men in those communities tended to favor McCain, while the women tended to favor Obama. This kind of overwhelming uncertainty has led both parties to scramble resources to attract those votes and entice those communities to sign on.

It’s just good business really. If I don’t know what you’ll buy then I better work hard to sell everything. We, in the Black community have diminished the value of our vote by “giving it up easy.” And don’t look now, but considering that we are no longer the largest minority group in the country, the mighty “Black Vote” may continue to lose value as more registered Latino and Asian voters exercise their muscle come election day.

We need to date around a bit, and make both parties earn our vote. We want some dinners and gifts, dancing and furs, cruises and cars. We should have an agenda that each party then must cater to. Problem is, we have surrendered any right to ask for consideration by simply giving the vote away.

Whether you agree with the Republican platform is unimportant. An informed voter takes the time to weigh all candidates and then decides. But let’s be honest, our folks vote democrat for several reasons 1)They always have 2)They were “raised” democrat 3)”Cuz Republicans don’t care about our people” 4)”Democrats are the only ones that care about poor people.” Easy enough to knock holes in any of those arguments, so I wont take time with that here.

Point is, until we follow the example of other communities and diversify our vote, we can forget about enjoying the attention of our elected officials. Simply put, no one courts the easy girl.



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